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Smartphone FleaPhone Android4.4

Smartphone FleaPhone Android4.4
Smartphone FleaPhone Android4.4
Product Code : FS994108
Product Description



SIM free smartphone FleaPhone Android4.4 4.5inch standard SIM micro SIM Dual SIM slot 512MB 4GB


Package DimentionsL 162mm H 62mm W 97mm
Package Weight380g
Item DimentionsL 9mm H 131mm W 66mm
Item Weight140g

SIM free smartphones 4.5 inches IPS LCD, Android4.4, a 1.2GHz quad-core processor.
FOMA area of NTT DoCoMo added (2100MHz), and compatible FOMA Plus-Area as well (800MHz).
WiFi supports stable communication corresponding to 11a/b/g/n.
In DualSIM corresponding model provides two built-in NFC reader, a SIM slot, use of SIM-free spreads.

Because it is a smart phone SIM free specification, you can select the carrier of your choice.
Such as the use as a SIP phone terminal in SIM-only contract data communication, free line contract in accordance with and are readily available.

[Wi-Fi tethering feature]
When you enable Wi-Fi tethering feature, smartphone to act as a wireless LAN router.
You can enjoy it by connecting to the Internet and a Wi-Fi enabled device such as a personal computer and games.
※ There is a case that does not correspond with the type of SIM to be built.

[IP Phone]
I have enabled IP phone service to "FleaLine Light".
I will be available and cheap calls and free calls between IP phone.
※ The use of FleaLine Light service, your contract is required. For more content, please check the manufacturer website.

[WCDMA 800/2100Mhz correspondence]
3G data communication system is compatible with 800 / 2100Mhz WCDMA.
In addition to the FOMA area of NTT DoCoMo, also available in the FOMA Plus-Area.

[HSPA (3.5G) correspondence]
It supports HSPA high-speed data communication standards (3.5G).
Can perform high-speed data communication downlink 21.1Mbps (max), up 5.74Mbps (up).

[JATE / TELEC authentication]
Because it is a product of JATE / TELEC authenticated, it is a product to be able to use it in peace in Japan.

[IEEE802.11a / n correspondence]
In addition to the 2.4GHz IEEE802.11b/g/n conventional, interference is small,
It also supports IEEE802.11a / n you want to use the 5GHz band less susceptible to other wireless devices.
IEEE802.11a standard corresponds W52 (5.2GHz), W53 (5.3GHz), in W56 (5.6GHz),
I will support a more stable communication.

Because it provides two SIM slots, it is possible to set the SIM two simultaneously,
You can use it by switching the SIM easily from the menu.
※ It is not possible to communicate at the same time the SIM two.

Since it has a built-in (Android beam) NFC, with the Android beam other device compatible with
Data communication speedy is possible.

Main accessories]
USB connection cable (microUSB B type male ⇔ USB A type male), AC adapter, Quick Start Guide

※ The setting method for using the packet communication by inserting a SIM card, please contact your wireless service provider that offers SIM card.
※ If you are using a packet communication by inserting a SIM card, usage fee prescribed by the telecom operators will occur.
For more information, please contact your wireless service provider that provides the SIM card.
※ Android is a trademark or registered trademark of Google Inc..
※ It may be subject to change without notice design, specifications, etc..
※ There is described PRECAUTIONS, safety in the quick start guide that came.
In order to use it correctly, please read carefully before use.