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Kaihua Green Axis Full Key No Shift Mechanical Ke

Kaihua Green Axis Full Key No  Shift Mechanical Ke
Kaihua Green Axis Full Key No Shift Mechanical Ke
Product Code : FS996045
Product Description
1: Fn + End Key Area Custom Light Switch (Under Breath And Steady Mode Are Available), You Can Save Four Set Of Custom Mode, The Default Mode Is:
  • (Mode 1) Esc + Left Shift + Left Ctrl + A + S + D + W + Space Lights;
  • (Mode 2) A + S + D + F + Q + W + E + R + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + Esc + Space Lights;
  • (Mode 3) A + S + D + W + Up And Down Around The Four Arrow Keys Lights;
  • (Mode 4) Full Keypad Lights;
2: Fn + Print screensysrp Custom Area Lighting Mode Recording And Acknowledgment Function. When Entering The Record Num, Caps, Scroll Three Flashes, Confirm After   Recording Three Lights Return To Normal Working Condition.
3: The Multimedia Functions Is Defined As:
    Internet, The Song, Play / Pause, Next Track, Volume Down, Volume Up, Mute.
4: Fn + Esc Key Is Lighting Mode Switching Function, Lights Lit, Breathing, All Off Cycle Through Three Modes, The Factory Default Always.
5: Fn + Pause Break The Standard Six-Button Keyboard Keys And Full Key Keyboard No Red Mode Switching, The Default Is The Whole Key No Red Mode.

6: Fn + Pgdn Key To Marquee (With Trailing), Key Wave, Single-Function Switching Lights, Lights Flashing Keys Are Interchangeable.
    Press Fn + Above, The Down Arrow Keys To Change The Rate Of Change Of The Lamp.
7: Fn + Up Arrow ↑ Brightness Increase, Fn + Down Arrow ↓ To Decrease Brightness, Brightness Can Be Adjusted Four. 100%, 60%, 30%, 0%. Brightness Adjustment Only        Active In Steady Mode.
8: Fn + Scroll Lock Keys For The Keyboard About Lighting Control Functions (Always Turn Off), The Default Is On.
9: Fn + Delete To Restore The Default Factory Settings Lights.
10: This Product Is The Way To Change The Effective Time Of The Shift Keys. Shift Into Third Gear: Fn + Ins Is 8Ms, Fn + Home To 4Ms, Fn + Pgup To 2Ms. The Rate Of Return Is Fixed At 500Hz. These Keys Have A Lamp. When You Turn On The Function Keys Corresponding Indicator Light.